Job Detail


We have a small internal laundry needing to be altered. It's a small job NB I need someone to co-ordinate the building of the cabinets (alterations), any electrical work and any plumbing needed. We want the sink moved to the left side, the bench halved to only have it on the left side. A bench on the right hand side that can be flipped up is needed. The new washing machine will replace the one in the photo as a TOP loading machine. The cupboards above also need to be halved to only have it on the left side. On the right of it will be a wall mounted Dryer. Plumbing requirements will be minimal - just relocating the sink will be needed. The water inlets will not move. Electrical - maybe an extra power plug will be needed for the Dryer. We are needing a quote to decide if we proceed

Posted On: 09-11-2017


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