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I have an evaporative cooling Bonaire Integra VSL75, it is about 10 years old. I live in a two-story house. My evaporative cooling service has been serviced every year. It never needed any parts to be change. It worked perfectly. Last year my service guy retired and he could not recommend anyone. This year I had my evaporative cooling serviced, unfortunately the guy who serviced it did a horrible job and charged a fortune. So, I want my evaporative cooling serviced again. What I am looking for is the following, someone who is: 1. Honest. 2. Professional. 3. Knows how to service evaporative cooling. 4. Have enough experience to diagnose any problem and knows how to fix them. 5. Punctual. 6. Very affordable. God Bless Sami

Posted On: 03-24-2019


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