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Getfreequote provides an active marketplace for people looking for jobs as well as people needing jobs done.


The gap was recognised in the marketplace for a cost effective service that not only helped people shop around for the best quote on the work they needed, but also gave job-seekers the opportunity to quote on a wide variety of work suited to their skills. getfreequote has now filled that need and offers everyone a smarter, cheaper and better way to get the right quote for the job.


We are a connection – matching tradesmen, professionals and all types of people to all types of jobs. If you need it done you’ll get it done at the right price on getfreequote

Our System

We have created an easy to use system that is simple for both job-seekers and job posters.

Our Members

Our quick to complete template allows members to register their details and create aprofile without any fuss whatsoever.

What We Believe

Employment makes the world go around. It keeps lives and families going and without it, where would we all be? But where do you go to find work or to find the right person for the job at the right price. getfreequote has the answers to all of this, by connecting people who want work to people who want jobs done we believe we are doing just that – making the world go around.


By making jobs and the people to do those jobs accessible to everyone, we have empowered individuals to shop around for the best job at the best price, no longer do they have to rely on overpriced suppliers or service people. Also, getfreequote makes unemployment a thing of the past, with plenty of jobs advertised for all types of skills.

Excellent Service: We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our service and support ensures your success when using getfreequote.

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