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Why Suffer Through the Heat or Cold
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Historically high and low temperatures in Australia!

With 2014 being one of the hottest years in record, Australians have a lot of heat to look forward to.  As  experts say that the trend for the next few years will be exactly what has been going on since 2002.  That is, it's just going to get hotter.  With temperatures reaching an unprecedented 49 degrees C (in southern Australia) in 2013, can you really afford to have a faulty or not up to standard Air conditioning system?

Installation and repairs generally cost between $45 to $110 per hour, all up price will depend on the size of your job.


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The danger?


OK, you say that you recognize the danger of temperature trends becoming almost unbearable.  And you are starting to notice problems with your central air.  Problems like an uneven temperature throughout your house; some rooms seem to be colder than others.  Another very common problem is that your cooling system might be blowing hot air instead of cold, or your heating system might be blowing cold air!  Or, worse of all, is your system running but nothing seems to be happening.  Well, before the next heat or cold wave hits Australia, you might want to consult an expert.

Why Us?

We know the experts! That is why exists.  We are here to help you when the heating and cooling go in your house go haywire.  We will provide you with the names of heating and cooling experts with in your area.  We'll put you in contact with them, you can then decide from all of them which is the one for you.

How does it work?

It is easy, just follow three simple steps:

  • What's the problem, write it down on the form. Add things like how long do you want the job to take, whether it is a big job or a small job, also tell us where are you.  The more info, the best matches we'll find for you.
  • We match your requirements to our database of highly skilled professionals.
  • You'll be contacted via Email with your FREE quote.

And that's it.  You'll then be able to decide which contractor is best for you.


No referrals needed

Without the need for a friend of yours to recommend a good Heating and Cooling Tradie. You'll be able to get whatever you need done fast and cost effectively.  Just give us a bit of information; relax nothing complicated... Tell us what you need done, where, when do you need it and anything else you feel is important and we'll search our database and match you with the best options.  So, if you need someone to go and clean your main cooling unit by tomorrow, we'll email all tradies that match the closest with what you need done and we'll email and tell them about the job.  They in turn will Email you with an estimate of the price they'll be willing to do your project.  You then can decide, in the comfort of your own home who is the best heating and cooling expert for your needs.

Working on the budget for your project?

Don't need anything done immediately? Just looking around in an effort to make a budget. can also help you.  Since the most important part of a planning a budget is to get a rough estimate then fill in our form and get contacted with quotes that can immediately go on your budget’s spreadsheet.

The Cost of not shopping around on foot!

Cost can also vary a great deal.  Installation or maintenance of your heating and cooling systems can vary from as low as $ 45.00 all the way up to $110 dollar an hour! A/C unit repairs can run up from $150.00 to $450.00.  With all this disparity between prices, how do you know you are getting the best deal?  Back in the day, we use to hit the road and go to the trades place of work to ask for a quote.  Right now, we use

Peace of Mind

What if the contractor has no license? What if he or she isn't trained to be a professional? Worse of all, what if he or she doesn't have Insurance?  Don't worry any more, all the experts that register with us have the correct licenses and is a trained professional in their own field.  They also have insurance so liability would likely be reduced.


What's the cost to you?

When you register for our service, it is 100 percent FREE. 

Getting the right price for your jobs is of course very important, but with the added competition that our system brings, you can be absolutely sure that you will get the very best quotes possible.

No more worrying about haggling a bit lower, the in-built competition of the system means that you know you are getting that competitive price every time you use the site. Be safe in the knowledge that you are getting the very best deal possible for your air conditioning and heating needs.

Let us worry about the cost, is FREE to be used by you.


Where is the service available?

This fantastic service covers the whole of the country, you can search for whatever you need in 

  • Airconditioning & Heating Sydney 
  • Airconditioning & Heating Melbourne  
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