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From an oil change to a new muffler to a brand new engine - getfreequote has hundreds of mechanics ready to help you out with the prices you can afford to pay. You'll find a local mechanic no matter what your car woes may be. And we don't just stop at cars –motor bikes, trucks, utes, buses – whatever it is the right mechanic is waiting for you on

Cost wise you're looking at somewhere between $30 to $90 per hour and will vary depending on the job and whether you go to the mechanic or they come to you.

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  • Engine Repair
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Ford, Suburu, Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Kia, Suzuki, Nissan, Peugeot, Volkswagen – whatever make or model we'll find you the right mechanic at the right price- on ...IT'S FREE!

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By comparing one mechanic against the other you can be sure you have chosen the auto-expert to best suit your needs at the price you are happy to pay.

Sounds easy but what should I say?

  1. Give a brief description of the work you need done (general service, clutch, brakes etc)
  2. Mention when you would like the work completed by
  3. Is it a small job or a big job?
  4. Do you want a mobile mechanic or are you willing to take the car to them?

The more information you can give the more accurate your quotes will be.

getfreequote can help you find all of these and more!

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