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It's not rocket science that children love to do things that are fun and enjoyable and sometimes school can just be a little daunting. Hiring a home tutor for your student will give them a new perspective of learning and help them to understand those things that they previously found difficult. One-on-one learning accelerates their learning ability and will put them right back on track at exam time. Choose from experienced tutors and teachers who will structure the progress to suit your student’s needs. Watch your child grow into a happier and more confident student through one-on-one tutoring. Register your details at now.

Tutoring starts at around $18 per hour and you should not pay any more than $30.

  • Maths
  • Music_Appreciation
  • Physics
  • Reading
  • Traning
  • Writing

Improve your child’s individual strengths, build confidence, improve academic skills and enhance concentration.You’ll find the right tutoron …IT'S FREE!

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How does it work?

  1. Fill out our simple online form
  2. We match tutorsto your requirements and email them about your job
  3. You will be contacted with their quote and price for the job
  4. It's up to you then to screen them and choose theperson for your needs

By comparing one tutor against the next you can be sure you have chosen the righttutorto best suit your child at the price you are happy to pay.

Sounds easy but what should I say?

  1. Give a brief description of what your child needs help with (english, maths, science, etc)
  2. When would you like the tutoring to start?
  3. How often would you like the tutoring to take place?
  4. Is there anything else the tutor should know about your child?

The more information you can give the more accurate your quotes will be.

getfreequote can help you find the right person for all of these and more!

So what are you waiting for? ENTER YOUR DETAILS NOW - there's a tutorout there who’s perfect for your child. Let make the match.